Who Wears Short Shorts?!

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I’ll be the first one to admit I like wearing short shorts! Now, I am not talking about bootay shorts. Bootay shorts are when your bottom literally hangs out of the shorts as you are bending over. Short shorts are shorter then the average length shorts (cuffed shorts) but still long enough to cover your butt when you bend over.

So why do I like wearing short shorts? Well, mainly because when you have a tiny butt like myself, short shorts create an optical illusion. They give the illusion that your butt, in fact looks bigger then it actually is. Also, there are just too many cute short shorts out there I cannot resist! I do have to be honest though, I wasn’t always confident enough to wear short shorts.

When I first became a mom I really felt the need to dress more conservative and modest. I think most of it was becasue I was slightly insecure with my body after giving birth. They weren’t lying when they say that your body will never be the same after you have a child. I was lucky enough to be able to loose the baby weight really fast thanks to breastfeeding. But that wasn’t my issue. The issue was that I developed some hips during pregnancy and they never went away. When I looked in the mirror I was self conscious because it wasn’t the same body I had before getting pregnant.

Literally, even to this day I will look in the mirror and feel a little self conscious because I am still not used to having this shape. It was hard for me to try on shorts and not look the same way I did before I got pregnant. I kept contemplating if I should even wear shorter shorts since I was a new mom. Then one day I was reading an article about how you cannot loose yourself after becoming a mom and that got me thinking… Am I allowing motherhood to change the way I dress? Also don’t I want to display a positive body imagine for my daughter?

It was at that moment I went and tried on a pair of my short shorts and wore them out in public and felt great with my NEW normal self. I want to portray a positive image for my daughter and if I am not allowing myself to wear what I want because I am self conscious about something that I cannot change, well then obviously that isn’t very positive.

Moral of the story, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! Don’t let society or motherhood affect the way you dress, just dress for yourself!

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