White Booties Yay or Nay?

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white booties and free people dress

white booties and free people flowy dress

white dress and free people

white booties with free people dress

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Lately, I have seen nothing but white booties. Literally, all over Instagram, Pinterest and everywhere I shop white booties come up! They are definitely making their way back in the high fashion world…but what about real women? Can we wear them?!

So literally, the first time I saw that white booties were trending my first reaction was Eww! No way will I ever wear these. Now fast forward to the beginning of September and my heart is starting to soften just a little bit towards the winter white booties but still not willing to pay for them and not sure if I could even pull them off.

Okay now, rewind to last week and I see these white ankle booties while browsing and well, I cave and get them. I knew I had this adorable dress coming in the mail so I figured why not pair some white booties with it?

I get them in the mail and my husband of course had some snide remark about them but I ignored it and styled the booties. Now, that I have tried them on…well, they are growing on me! My main concern was my pasty skin against the white bootie but somehow it works and my husband even admitted that they look way better on and paired with a dress. Now, obviously you could wear them with jeans or even black skinny’s too.

I decided to go with the pointed white booties because I felt like they didn’t look as…old fashioned, shall I say. But below I have linked both round and pointed white booties!

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So realistically, I am not going to be wearing these everyday. I do think they are great for like a girls night or even date night, since the hubby now approves of them. But to me white booties are more of a special occasion rather then an everyday wear…what do you guys think?

free people dress

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