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We had about three months to plan my wedding and for the most part everything turned out perfectly. From the flowers, to the cake, even to the guest list… it was great. My family rented a huge house on the lake (where our wedding was) for all of the bridal party and both sets of parents to stay. Having mine and my husbands family and closest friends together for an entire weekend was one of the greatest memories I have of our wedding.

Unfortunately, there was one thing that I couldn’t control… I woke up around midnight with the worst neck pain I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t move my head and couldn’t sleep. So being the mama’s girl that I am, I ran to my mom to see if she could help my pain. My dad and brother drove to Walmart at 2 in the morning to try to get something to relieve my neck pain. Nothing helped. By the time I was able to fall asleep it was time to get up and start prepping for my big day.

However, as the day went on my adrenaline kicked in and it was almost like I forgot about the neck pain and was able to enjoy the beautiful wedding day that my mom and I had worked so hard on! Other then having that little hiccup and only getting an hour of sleep, everything was great.







I could go on and on about all of the details of our wedding but instead, I will share my top three favorite things about our big day. The first was seeing my husbands face as I was walking down the aisle. When he started to get teary eyed, my heart melted and I knew he was the one.


Another one of my favorite memories of our wedding day was the father, daughter dance. My dad contributed so much to my wedding and I wanted to surprise him with something big. So I went to a recording studio and recorded a song that I could play for our dance. I had a hard time picking a song to sing, but when I found the song “Because You Love Me” by Celine Dion, I knew it was perfect. My dad was shocked to hear my voice come over the speakers and couldn’t stop crying. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd.


My third favorite memory was my dress. I always wanted to wear two dresses on my wedding day. So I pulled out my moms wedding gown from when she married my dad and surprisingly it fit! So I knew it was meant to be. We had to do some alterations and take off a few things…like the shoulder pads. But once it was altered, it was the perfect dress for the reception!

Overall, the day went off perfectly, and I even had time to have a little cake after a ton of dancing and greeting all the guests. I think even the youngest guest enjoy herself… 🙂 Three months later she made her big debut into the world.


Photos Taken By: Christine Pocratsky

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