Teething Necklaces, pearls…Oh My!

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Haddie Rain Teething Necklace SetOkay mamas, I don’t know about you but my child loves to bite, everything! I’m hoping it is a phase because I don’t want to be that mom that receives a phone call from her teacher saying that she is in trouble for biting. That is the worst. I remember my little cousin once got in trouble for biting butts. I know weird, right?

Luckily, my little one is just a toddler and still has time to grow out of this phase. Another plus is that she is working on getting more teeth. So this mama is praying that once these teeth come in she will stop the biting. For now, I am trying to find as many things as I can to relieve her pain.

I always love to support small shops and fellow mamas. So when I heard about these adorable handmade teething necklaces by the fabulous mama, Tia Johnson I couldn’t resist. She has the cutest Etsy shop, Haddie Rain & Co. The best part is that her necklaces are free of all those nasty chemicals and 100% food grade silicone.

We have the mommy and me set and they are perfect! My little one seriously loves her pearls and hardly even lets me wear mine because she wants both! Tia knows how to make them too because my little one is pretty rough on things and both of our necklaces have kept in tact perfectly! 

Not only are the necklaces great quality but they are fashionable too! What more could a mama ask for? Oh wait and even better when you use the coupon code EVERDAYMAEVE20 you get 20% off her shop!

Mommy and Me Haddie Rain Set

I strongly advise you go check out Tia’s awesome shop www.HaddieRain.com and get your 20% off her amazing teething accessories! Your little one will love them! I know my doll baby has stopped biting other things and is all about these necklaces, thank you Tia!

Also, be sure to always monitor your child while they are wearing their new adorable teething accessories.

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