Sun Angels Arm Sleeves

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Sun Angel Sleeves

Now that summer is coming to an end one thing I often forget is to put the sunscreen on the little one. Especially with the cooler weather it is easy to just let her run outside and skip the sunscreen altogether. Unfortunately, the UV ray damage doesn’t stop when the cooler weather hits. In fact you can still get sunburnt on cloudy days too!

At this point in the season I am so sick and tired of caking on all that sunscreen and I know my daughter is too! Recently, she has really been fighting me when I try to lather her up, so a lot of times I just give up. I needed something that was quick, easy and something that the little one didn’t mind.

sun angel arm sleeves

Hip Hugger and Sun Angels Arm sleeves

This is when Sun Angels arm sleeves come in! These adorable sleeves are not only fashionable but they are UPF 50+! All you have to do is slip them on your little one and they are ready to go play, no mess and no fuss!

They are great because they offer an instant, chemical free alternative to the usual challenge of trying to apply sunscreen to a rambunctious child. Sun Angels not only had kids in mind while they were designing these sleeves, they also had the parents in mind as well! Because lets be real no parent actually enjoys putting sunscreen on their child.

Hip Hugger

Hip Hugger and Arm Sleeves

Since, I received the arm sleeves for my daughter she has not fought me once about putting them on and she actually likes wearing them! She even likes to wear them in the house! It is so much easier to just throw these sleeves on, plus a little hat and go outside… rather then spend 15 minutes chasing her around the house trying to put sunscreen on her.

Overall, these arm sleeves are a wonderful idea and we get a lot of use out of them! Protecting your child from harmful UV rays just got a whole lot easier thanks to Sun Angels. Below I have linked where to purchase the sleeves my little has on… (they also have a whole bunch of other adorable patterns for BOTH girls and boys as well!) Check them out here.

Also be sure to stay up to date on your sun safety facts by visiting their page!

sun angle sleeves 7

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