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True story, ever since I can remember I have had dark circles under my eyes and I have struggled to find ways to get rid of them. So when the company VIICode offered to send me a packet of their Oxygen Eye Masks I couldn’t pass it up!

Before I started using this product I wanted to do a little more research about what I was going to be putting on my skin. So here is what I found. These eye masks are known to relieve tired eyes, which is probably the main cause of my dark circles.  They are also suppose to increase the blood flow around the eye area and boost the oxygen intake to help reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin under the eyes! Most importantly, they are alcohol- free and made with a non-irritating formula.

The package comes with six individually wrapped eye masks. Before placing the mask under my eyes I cleaned my face thoroughly and removed all of my makeup. I used the mask overnight because they recommend you keep the mask on for 8 hours to get the full affect but you can wear the mask during the day as well for 2-4 hours. I used the masks two times each week for about three weeks.

This oxygen mask has a gel like feel to it once you peel back the plastic. There is a slight tingly feeling at first application but it does go away after about 30 minutes or so.

After using the masks for three weeks now, I have noticed that the mornings after I used the eye mask my eyes felt refreshed and definitely not as puffy. I did notice an overall difference in the darkness of my dark circles as well. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who has puffiness or dark circles around their eyes. They make your skin feel refreshed and are fairly inexpensive!


After Using all 6 of the Oxygen Eye Masks:

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