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decoration for first birthday

The wall of flowers in Kim Kardashian’s wedding were breathtaking and gave me inspiration for a prop for my litttles first birthday photo shoot. I’ve always loved flowers so of course I wanted to incorporate them into the shoot. I did a little Pinterest browsing and found some inspiration for my flowered one.

It was really easy to make and basically was just like doing an arrangement except in the shape of a one! All you need is a bunch of flowers, some glue, scissors, or wire cutters, a sharpie and some sort of floral foam board (you can find this at any craft store.) I first traced a one shape into the foam board. Then I cut… well let me rephrase that, my husband cut the foam board which was probably the hardest part of the project. Next, I cut the flowers and poked them into the foam. I put a little glue in the hole before I put the flower in permanently. To arrange the flowers I just bunched them all together and then I added some leaves in at the end. Super easy and fun as well!

It turned out to be a great prop and also great decoration for her birthday party! Overall, it’s a super cute, easy and fun project!

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