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i & k wedding

i & k wedding 6

Don’t you just love my daughters unenthused expression in the picture above. She just cracks me up sometimes and truthfully, by the end of this wedding we were all feeling that way…Let me explain.

So if you follow me on Instagram you probably know that this past weekend my family and I went to my cousins wedding. You may also know that the reception was outside, at 12 pm and in North Carolina. Needless to say, we roasted our butts off at the reception but the service was wonderful!

The service was held in a beautiful southern church and was a bilingual service. They had the pastor who spoke in English and then a french translator for the brides family. The bride’s family traveled from all across the world to be there so it was really neat to see all of the different attire at the wedding. i & k wedding 9

It was a very religious wedding and actually the bride and groom had their very first kiss at the alter. I cannot even imagine waiting until the wedding day to have my first kiss, in front of everyone! I would be so nervous.

The ceremony itself was short and to the point which is always nice especially with a little one. Once it was over we were sent outside, in the 97 degree weather to eat. They had a lovely set up under a big tent. The food had an African flare which was amazing and I wish I could have eaten more of it but it was just way too hot.

i & k wedding 11

So after about 45 minutes we decided to leave because the little one was miserable and so were we. Everyone was drenched in sweat and it actually was about to start storming just as we were leaving so it was perfect timing.

Thankfully, both the little and I dressed really cool… the hubby on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Sometimes being a girl has its perks. 🙂 Below I have linked mine and the littles outfit details!

i & k wedding 5

i & k wedding 8

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