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moonglow bracelet with studded bracelet

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moonglow bracelet with studded bracelet

I’m typically not the superstitious type… well, other then the fact that I can never have anything on an odd number (for some reason I despise odd numbers.) But when it comes to the moon I have never really been a believer of the full moon superstitions. The ware wolves, ghosts and bad things happen during a full moon…yeah not really buying it.

Even though I am not a superstitious person I am definitely all about symbolism and symbolic items. I love something that is meaningful. For some reason ever since I became a mama, I am loving the symbolic items more then ever before.

So when I heard about Moonglow I thought it was such a neat idea! Basically, you type in any special or symbolic date in your life and it shows you the moon phase of that day. Then you can pick between a variety of jewelry to display your moon phase of the symbolic date you choose.

moonglow bracelet

Moonglow’s focus is to create a wearable symbol of an important memory that you may have. One of the most memorable days of my life so far was the birth of my daughter. It changed my life in the best way possible. So this is the moon phase of my daughters birthday. Not only is this a beautiful and symbolic piece to me but it is also a memory that I will never forget.

So if you are looking for a unique and symbolic piece of jewelry then you must check out Moonglow. They offer pretty pieces of jewelry that are unique and symbolic to you. They would also make a really great gift as well!

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