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Nora fall pink outfit

  I’m all for finding great deals on fashion especially for my little one. Lets face it their clothes get messy and worn very easily. Lately, I have hit the jackpot at Tj Maxx! I find that with these types of stores it is either a hit or miss, but it has been a big hit recently! They have had so many cute outfits for such good prices and who can beat that? I was able to find this Juicy Couture shirt and pant combo along with this adorable vest (made by Savannah) all for under $20.00!


Now, I’m not going to lie I do like to splurge sometimes on my baby girl, but I like to mix and match the pricey with the not so pricey. So this outfit is all from Tj Maxx except for the shoes. Those were a splurge from Nordstrom and they are Minnetonka. I find that splurging on shoes for kids (exspecially if they are walking) is totally worth it!



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