Lucky to be Irish!

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If you couldn’t tell by my super pale skin I’m very Irish, but I must admit I’ve never really liked the color green and I’ve never been a big fan of traditional Irish food. So other than Saint Patrick’s Day I didn’t really think much about my Irish background. On Saint Patrick’s Day my family and I would always go to this restaurant called the Shamrock. Of course it was always super packed because it was the only authentic Irish restaurant in the county, but it was worth the wait.

I still to this day remember the entire layout of this place and I can still picture the tiny leprechaun that would run around the restaurant, yes I did just say a leprechaun! I’m pretty sure if I went now and saw the leprechaun it wouldn’t be as magical but when I was little it was the neatest thing. The restaurant also had an Irish band that would play music while we were all feasting on our cabbage, soda bread, and corned beef! Well I actually really only ate the salad bar, but that’s beside the point. I remember always looking forward to Saint Patrick’s Day because I was able to spend time with my family and go to this magical little restaurant!

Unfortunately, times change and so do traditions. My family has all moved to different places and have separate lives now. That tradition is no longer a thing for my family, but I will always remember going to that restaurant and feeling proud of being Irish! I’ll always remember looking around at all my fellow Irish peeps and thinking it’s awesome to be able to say that I am Irish! I want my daughter to feel the same way when she is older! Both my husband and I are super Irish so I want her to be proud of her Irish heritage.

Even though my family is not able to get together and go to the shamrock, I still want to create a magical Saint Patrick’s Day for my daughter. Unfortunately this year she is too little to really even understand holidays, but next year I’m definitely going to make sure today is celebrated and make sure she is proud to be Irish!

Have an amazing day and be sure to wear green so you don’t get pinched!

With love,


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