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So a few months ago I had a major shocked moment when I realized I hadn’t bought a new leather jacket in almost two years! Like what?! Of course as soon as I came to that realization I started my hunt! It was not but a few days later that I stumbled upon this perfect jacket from Nordstrom but decided to wait because I just couldn’t justify the price. Then a few weeks ago they were having their half yearly sale and this bad boy was on sale! So I just knew it was meant to be!

This isn’t your typical leather jacket. It acts like a cardigan but has the feel of a moto jacket. So it’s pretty much the best of ALL worlds! The knit drape collar gives this jacket a more modern feel. It comes in black but also comes in a gorgeous olive color as well.

I knew that this jacket would pair perfectly with a beanie because lets be real, what doesn’t doesn’t pair well with a beanie? I am currently loving bright color beanies with pom poms on the end! They remind me of my childhood and personally, I think they add character to any outfit.

This beanie is from Target and was part of their 5 dollar deal, so I just couldn’t pass it up! I wasn’t able to find the exact beanie but I did link a very similar pink one that has the pom pom!

I paired this faux leather jacket with one of my favorite light pink turtlenecks. This is by far one of the comfiest turtlenecks I have ever owned. The neck it not too tight and the material is so soft! I purchased this top at Target for less then $20!

I am going to be honest and this may sound horrible but I kind of just bought these boots because they were there and they were on sale. With that being said, I am kind of glad I got them because they go perfectly with this jacket!

I wasn’t able to find these exact pair of boots but I was able to link a similar style boot that I love and…As always, everything is linked below! 🙂

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