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I am one of those people that always need some sort of sweater even in the summer. I know it may sound a little odd but I get cold so easily! You would think since I was born in the winter I would be used to the cold, but nope!

my kimono 2Luckily for me kimonos are huge right now and they are perfect for this cold mama. The great thing about kimonos is that they are flattering for any body type! They are flowy and light weight, perfect for summer.

My favorite thing about the kimono is that they are so versatile. You can wear them with pants (like I did above), you can layer them with a dress, with a skirt or even shorts, whatever your heart desires. They can be casual or dressy just depending on what your feeling!

They also range in different lengths which is a huge plus as well! Lately, I have been drawn to the shorter kimonos just because I am so short the longer length doesn’t always look that flattering on kimono 1

Between flower prints, lace, fringe, you can pretty much find a kimono to suit your style!

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