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So most of you probably already know we are having a…GIRL! Another little princess will be joining our family in just a few short months. Needless to say most of our friends and family were not very shocked by this news, myself included.

At first I was pretty convinced we were having a boy but when I had my 20 week sonogram it took a while to find the gender (which also happened with my daughter) so I knew right then and there it had to be a girl.

Many different emotions come with having another girl but overall, we are so excited! I already know that we are great girl parents so what is one more to the mix?! Although the soon to be big sister was not all that thrilled (she was hoping for a boy) but we know that in time she will grow to love the newest addition.

Thankfully and most importantly the baby is healthy and really at the end of the day that is all that matters to us. As for me, well my appetite has definitely increased and I am packing on those pounds. With this pregnancy I have gained a lot more weight then I did with my first but I am not sweating it too much.

One thing that has not changed with both of my pregnancy’s is the lovely pregnancy acne. That is definitely still in full force. I obviously am just not the “glowing” type but I know it is worth it!

Princess #2 is very very active in my belly just like her sister was and still is very active. (I think the hubby and I are definitely going to have our hands full.) But to me one of the best things about pregnancy is being able to feel the little kicks and movements.

As far as party details, below I have linked some things that I purchased for the party including the jumbo balloon kit, which I would highly recommend! This kit comes with both the blue and pink confetti so it is super easy to set up and really great quality!

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