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baby scarf and sandals

Fringe and ripped jeans are two of my guilty pleasures for spring. Combine those two and bam you have the perfect outfit! I had been searching for a cute fringed vest for awhile and I happened to stumble upon this one at none other then TJ Maxx. I had to get it! Fringe Vests are the perfect casual attire or you can even dress them up by layering them on a cute dress. Whatever you do, fringe is in, so there is no going wrong with it.

Not only is this vest fringed but it is suede as well! Suede material always goes perfectly with any type of turquoise jewelry. Personally, I think that suede and turquoise complement each other perfectly. I love the color of this necklace against the suede and the different layers are amazing.

Okay real talk: The spring is always that awkward time when I’m not sure if it is too soon to wear flip flops and sandals. So these booties are the perfect in between. They are closed toed but still allow your feet to breath with the material and the slits on the side. Also, I love how they have the thick straps around the ankle for extra support.

mommy and me spring style

turquoise necklace

Below are MY outfit details:

Fringe Vest: TJ Maxx

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: DSW

Necklace: Forever 21

So I bought all of these adorable spring clothes and a ton of sandals for my little one and of course (since the cold weather) she hasn’t been able to wear hardly any of it. However, she was able to wear this adorable little outfit, thankfully.

I always love putting my little one in color especially since she often gets mistaken for a boy. So instead of the usual pink I decided to go with this pretty green shirt. I love the detail around the neck and its longer so it could even be a summer dress as well. (It does comes with little bloomers!)

Below are LITTLES outfit details!

Shirt: Target

Pants: Children’s Place

Scarf: Handmade

Sandals: Babies R Us

One of my all time favorite spring trends is fringe anything, boots, vests, purses, I love it all. And suede fringe is even better! Also, bright color necklaces and shirts (like my little has on) is must in my opinion especially for spring!

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