Flare Jeans, Slouchy Sweater & Insecurities

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slouchy sweater and flair jeans

slouchy sweaters and flares

slouchy sweater and flares

slouchy sweater and flairs

slouchy sweater

slouchy sweater and flair jeans

Insecurities…who doesn’t have them?
Recently, I have been feeling a little more insecure then usual about something that has haunted me since I was in high school and that is my skin. As I grow older not only do I have adult acne but now I have to deal with those lovely lines that no one likes…wrinkles. Thank God for a good floppy hat to cover it all up!
Seriously though, I have dealt with acne since I was a young girl. It would flair up here and there and then in high school… it was horrible. I remember begging my mom to let me stay home because I was so embarrassed about my skin. Luckily, when I went off to college my skin was flawless…okay maybe not flawless because my skin has never been perfect, but it was a thousand times better. Then I became pregnant and my little angle sucked the beauty out of me and left me with adult acne and wrinkles…I know, how lovely.
Everyday, I am noticing more and more wrinkles on my face and I am definitely regretting laying out in the sun for hours on end with little to no sunscreen and hitting the tanning beds (such a horrible decision.) I hear of so many women getting botox now a days and of course that has crossed my mind, and social media doesn’t help. It actually makes it incredibly hard to not compare yourself to other women who seem to have gorgeous and flawless skin. But lets be real…who knows what filters or photoshop apps they use to create that gorgeous skin.
I have to stop myself from comparing and keep a positive mind. Every time I look in the mirror and see another wrinkle I thank God for all the scrunched up faces I have made from all the laughing and smiling I have done in my life.
slouchy sweater and flare jeans
Flares, Slouchy Sweaters & Floppy Hats 
Funny story, I recently purchased this adorable slouchy sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue and I could not find it anywhere on their site. I spent almost an hour on their site trying to find it, but no luck! So then I type ‘slouchy sweater’ into google search and instantly it pops up from Forever 21. So basically I found the same sweater that I paid $50 for for only $20…you’re welcome.
The rest of this look is from last year but I was able to find almost identical items that I have linked for you all below.

slouchy sweaters and flare jeans
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