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Plaid shirt and white jeans

plaid & white pants 8 (insta)

Something that I have really been struggling with lately is patience. Patience with my blog, patience with moving, being patient waiting for the cooler weather and even having patience with my daughter.

As all moms know, one thing that motherhood requires is patience. I don’t think it is possible to be a mother without having at least a little bit of it. I know that just in the short amount of time that I have been a mom I need more patience then ever before, especially with my daughter.

As some of you may know my daughter is a handful. She is non-stop, sassy, stubborn and when she wants her way, she wants it…NOW! She is entering that stage where if she doesn’t get what she wants when she wants it, the whole world knows!Plaid & white pants with nor (insta)

She gets mad and I get so upset because she acts crazy! But now that I think about it, I kind of am the same way when I loose my patience. No, I don’t throw a tantrum and don’t get all crazy. But I do get upset when my blogging goals aren’t met or when my daughter will not take her nap. I just want everything to happen the way I want it but I know that life doesn’t always work that way.

So whenever I may be loosing my patience with my daughter or wishing to move sooner, I have to think to myself that I need to enjoy the moment I have and not get so caught up in the little things. We will move when the time is right. My daughter will take a nap when she is tired.

Next time you loose your patience just say a little prayer, take a deep breath and remember you will never have that moment again, so make the best of every moment you have!

plaid & white pants

plaid & white pants 7

Okay, now thats off my chest here are the outfit details…Like I said earlier I have been biting at the bit for cooler weather and the other day we finally had a nice breeze! It was amazing until the temp spiked back up again but that is beside the point.

I was finally able to wear jeans and not burn up! For the fall I am loving the distressed denim look! Something about the distressed denim just makes an outfit look so effortless (even though my dad always says and I quote “Why do you have holes in your jeans, you need new jeans.”) He will never understand but I love the look!

plaid  & white pants 6 (insta)

These white distressed jeans are perfect for fall because they go great with plaid and that is another main staple in my fall wardrobe. When I see plaid I instantly think of all things fall and that makes me so happy!

This darker plaid shirt I purchased in the Outer Banks, NC when we were at the beach but of course below I have linked the entire outfit, plus a similar plaid shirt that is a lot less expensive and just as cute!

plaid & white pants details 4 (insta)

Lets talk about the shoes for a hot second. These bad boys are not only super adorable but they are also really comfortable as well! I wore these for almost an entire day and my feet never hurt once! I love the look of the block heel and for only $32.99 they are perfect for your fall wardrobe!

plaid & white pants 3


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