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Cover Up

Cover Up

Cover Up

As some of you may know recently, I noticed a mole that looked a little concerning so I went to the dermatologist to have it checked out. They removed it and did a biopsy.

For a whole week I was freaking out but thankfully the doctors informed me that it was just a regular mole. God is so Good! Skin cancer is definitely not something to mess around with! I know this little scare made me realize how important it is to always wear sun screen and love my pale skin.

Okay…now on to fun summer things! One thing I love about summer is being able to wear cover ups all day, every day! Bathing suits are fun and all but cover ups are my thing! There are endless styles, colors and I love them all!

Everything But Water is one of my favorite stores to shop for my summer attire. They only sell bathing suits and cover ups. Now, I must mention that their stuff is a little on the pricey side (at least for me) but they have the most unique and adorable things, I just cannot resist.

I am basically going to live in this cover up for the entire summer. It is flowey, light weight and has pom poms…What more could you want? Plus it ties in the middle… perfect way to show off the figure! This perfect little gem goes for $58.00 even and trust me it is worth every penny!

ebw cover up

The hat is a recent purchase from Forever 21 and was only $14.99! It is perfect for the summer and literally goes with every outfit. Everyone needs a cute straw fedora because it’s not summer without one. Plus it is the perfect way to protect your face from the sun!

Cover Up

Click on the picture above to shop the cover up & Shop the hat below.


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