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cold shoulder bbshorts

Well it is officially vacation time! After a long car ride with a cranky, no napping toddler…we have made it! I was dreading the 6 hour car ride but surprisingly it went really well! I made sure to pack a ton of snacks, lots of dvd’s (Elmo & Barney) and a ton of other stuff as well because I am an avid over packer!

The little one did great in the car and we ended up only making two stops which is great for a toddler! Now, by no means am I an expert traveler with toddlers but I have done my share of driving with the little one. So here are my tips for driving with toddlers.

Make sure to pack every snack/food you can think of. Literally, I had everything from  yogurt, pbj, apple, to chocolate and chips. Also, be sure to pack lots of water and drinks as well. Another huge life savor that gets us through all of our trips is the portable dvd player! That thing makes our drive a thousand times more pleasant and takes a lot of the entertaining off of me.

One last tip… is try and wait as long as possible to make stops. I don’t know about your toddler but after a few times of getting in and out of the car my daughter arches her back and refuses to get back into her car seat. So what I always try to do is make our stops few and make them count. Even though I was in major need of coffee and had to use the bathroom, I held it until the last moment just so that we could make as little stops as possible.

Okay, enough of the mom talk… lets talk beach outfits! This summer I have been obsessed with cold shoulder tops. They perfect because they are basically in between a short sleeve shirt and a sleeveless shirt. Plus, I love wearing them because you can still rock a bra!

cold shoulder shirt bbshorts 8

coldshoulder bbshorts

Target has a great selection of cold shoulder tops and they even have some really adorable ones for the fall season. I purchased this top from Target earlier in the summer season but below I have linked another similar cold shoulder top that I love just as much.

cold shoulder bbshorts 3

So who doesn’t love a beautiful pair of bright blue shorts? I know I do! These shorts are super comfortable, stretchy and add a great pop of color to any outfit. If you ever need to brighten up your outfit just add bright colored shorts. They a are great way to liven up any outfit!

The wedges I have had for some time now but I love them so much! They go great with any outfit and wedges are definitely a beach must have! The main thing that I love about these wedges are the straps. Since they are slightly on the older side I have linked a similar pair below!

cold shoulder bbshorts 6

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