Christmas Picture Fail

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As most of you know it is my daughters first Christmas so basically I’m like a little kid again! I am all excited about everything! For months I have been thinking about what to do for a Christmas card, then Pinterest gave me this brilliant idea to do a DIY Christmas picture. I mean how hard could it be? Just string some lights onto a white background, put her in a cute Christmas outfit and take some adorable pics. Yeah…RIGHT! This was a major Pinterest fail! I strung the lights onto a white bed sheet, put her in a cute outfit and then took some pictures, some very bad pictures. I’m not sure what I was thinking seeing as my little girl literally never stands still. Not only did she keep moving and walking off the “set” we also did it at her worst hour…5 pm. I must have had a major brain fart with this one. Needless to say next year we are getting our photos professionally done!

first Christmas

After my failed attempt at getting a Christmas picture, for our Christmas card I quickly went online and asked google how to solve my problem. Google knows all and gave me a brilliant idea to use all the adorable pictures that I captured this year. So I found this sweet wreath Christmas card and thought why not incorporate pictures of my daughters first year. In the end I learned that I will never do a DIY Christmas picture again but I was pretty happy with the way the cards turned out.

Christmas card


Enjoy today & Everyday!

❤️ Maeve

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