Cheers To March!

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Woodenships knits cheers sweater

Woodenships knits cheers sweater

Woodenships knits cheers sweater

Happy March Friends!

This month is all about luck and hopefully you all will have lots of it! We have a few things planned for this month and I am hoping that we will have lots of luck as well!

When I was younger, I always loved March for two reasons, 1. because it is one month closer to spring and 2. because  of Saint Patricks day. My family loved to make St. Patricks day a special day where we all got together and celebrated our Irish heritage. We would go out to our favorite Irish pub and it was just magical! The restaurant that we went to was always packed and even had an Irish band with a leprechaun…okay it was a small person but I didn’t know any better and it was the coolest thing!

Now, that I am older and realize that leprechauns are not real, St. Patricks Day has kind of lost it’s magic for me. But since I am still a little Irish…okay, a lot Irish, I like to show a little spirit for the holiday. I typically don’t go all out like I used to but I like to wear a cute top for the day and Wooden Ships has got me covered.

From subtle to more in your face Saint Patricks day attire they have such a great selection! I picked up this adorable cheers sweater (which also comes in white and blue) for the holiday. It is very comfy and casual and is perfect for my Saint Patricks day plans, which most likely consist of making an Irish dinner at home (unfortunately no leprechauns will be there.)

Seriously though, if you have not visited Wooden Ships  site yet, then you are missing out. I absolutely love their sweaters because they are great quality and a lighter weight material just like the one I have on. If you need a sweater for St Patricks day or just a comfy sweater or cardigan to add to your wardrobe be sure to check out Wooden Ships.

cheers sweater

Woodenships knits cheers sweater

Thanks so much for stopping by!

With Love,


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