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Littles 2nd Birthday Party!

- Crafting, Interior decorating, Lifestyle, Mamahood

  Well the little ones birthday has come and gone in a blink of an eye and I now officially have a two year old. It is crazy to think that 2 years have gone by since I have given birth to my little princess. This weekend was full of many different emotions for me but seeing my little girl smile and have blast at her party just made my mommy heart complete. I am not sure who was more…

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Spring Centerpiece

- Interior decorating

Okay question…What are some things you think of when you hear the word spring? I think of tulips and rain…let me explain. To me tulips just scream spring! Tulips are in season so they are a go to flower in my house during the springtime. Now rain, I think of rain because let’s be real April showers… well you know the rest. So when I am making my centerpiece for spring/Easter I always incorporate tulips in my decoration. This year…

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