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casual mommy and me outfit for springtime

As a stay at home mom casual is practically my middle name. I like to be comfy for many reason one being that my clothes will usually get saturated in toddler mess and two because well why dress up for a toddler? Pretty sure my 1 year old daughter doesn’t care too much what I wear. Now, don’t get me wrong I love to get dolled up and look nice, but some days when I’m just running errands I like to keep it on the causal side.

Lately, it’s been rainy and a little on the chilly side so a light jacket with a hood has been needed. I’ve always loved the look and the idea of tying a jacket around the waist. It’s perfect for spring because if you get too hot just loop it around your waist and your outfit still looks super cute! So pretty much a win, win! Plus, I’m always chilly so having a jacket handy is a must for me! I decided why not try this look with the little. I must say it turned out pretty cute and was handy for her as well!

spring style, casual

My littles outfit is leggings of course and a cute graphic tee (that says “Be Kind” that’s a little reminder for myself.) Since we are going casual I added these super cute converse shoes. I have to admit I wouldn’t recommend these for kids that have just started walking, mainly because the soles are not very flexible. Even my little had a hard time walking in them and she has been walking since 7 months. Also, they don’t stay on very well so basically not the best buy on my part! But hey they look cute right?!

Littles Outfit Details:

Shirt: Gymboree

Leggings: Children’s Place

Sweater: Babies R Us

Shoes: The Shoe Dept.

Bow: Target

For spring I’m all about the quarter length sleeve! Like I said earlier I usually get chilly so having that little sleeve helps a lot. I absolutely love the pattern on this sleeve and it’s from one of my favorite boutiques! I also got this adorable leather jacket there as well.

Mamas Outfit Details:

Shirt: Confetti Clothing

Leggings: TJ Maxx

Leather Jacket: Confetti Clothing Co.

Shoes: Vans

So even though I’m so excited for spring clothes I still need to make sure to keep a jacket handy for those rainy April showers! Also, go check out Confetti Clothing Co. you won’t be disappointed!

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