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Ever since I was in high school my family and I have been going to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Along with my entire family (my mom, my dad, my brother, his wife, my sister, my hubby, and now the little one) we have always had a guest come to the beach with us. This year we invited my husbands best friend, Stevie… who will see a lot of throughout this post.

Each year our family looks forward to going to the Outer Banks because it is practically a tradition for us. I am so happy to be able to now bring my own little family to the beach that I practically grew up going to. If you’ve never been to the OBX you are missing out…well if you like family beaches that is. It is definitely not a beach that you go to for night life, literally most places close at 10.

But it is such a perfect beach to take your family to. There are so many beautiful houses to rent, great shopping and awesome places to eat. They have a lot of different activities on the island for both kids and adults as well.

My favorite part of the Outer Banks has to be the beach area. A lot of beaches are overly crowded but the OBX almost feels like a private beach area. There are only a few houses in each neighborhood and no public access, so that makes the beach a lot more enjoyable and private.

(from left to right… my husband, my brother and my husband’s best friend Stevie)

So of course it wouldn’t be a vacation without some pictures. Here are some of my favorites from the trip. Basically, my sister and my husbands friend, Stevie like to make their appearance in some of my photos and occasionally we can get the rest of the family in the photos as well.

(My sister picking me up as always.)

(They were so excited to wear their Chubbie swim trunks.)

(We were able to snag a picture of the grandparents!)

(And my gorgeous sister-in-law and brother.)

(Another one of my favorite suits from Janie & Jack. )

(The boys rode bikes…a lot.)

(Look at those beachy waves.)

(And last but not least…Stevie being inappropriate while I’m trying to shoot an outfit…)


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a fabulous week friends. 🙂


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