3rd Year Anniversary

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Not long ago, I remember getting ready for a house party that my college roommates and I were hosting. I was pretty nervous because I knew that my roommate was inviting her boyfriends older fraternity brother, so I had to look my best of course! Well he came over and it is pretty much history from there…

We dated for about two years before moving in together. Then shortly after came a big surprise…can you guess?! Nope not engagement, I was pregnant! This was a total shocker for us and our families, as you can imagine. We had planned on getting married in the long run but wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. We went back and forth trying to decide if we should get married before the baby comes or after. And to be honest I am not sure how we came to the conclusion but we decided to go ahead and get married.

So basically, my amazing mother and I had three months to plan a wedding with a guest list of about a 100 people. That was no easy task and I couldn’t have done it without my mamas help but we did it and it was just as I had Β always dreamed it would be…other then me being 6 months pregnant.

I couldn’t imagine marrying a more amazing man. Not only is he such a great father but he truly is the best Instagram husband ever! I often wonder if he always dreamed of taking a million pictures of me on the reg…probably not! But he does it anyways and is (for the most part) beyond patience with me and the little one.

Β Even though our love story isn’t the most sappy or the most romantic it is my favorite love story and I am beyond blessed to call this man my hubby and I absolutely love our little family and the amazing life we have created over the last few years!

Love you Hubby!


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