1st Trimester Update!

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Well if you haven’t heard by now… I am PREGNANT and we are so excited and beyond grateful! Just to be able to have another little miracle growing is such a blessing and the greatest gift I could ask for!

When my hubby and I first found out we were instantly filled with so much joy! My husband was ready to shout it to the world (pretty much the day we found out) but me on the other hand… I wanted to keep it to ourselves for awhile. Now, don’t get me wrong I was thrilled but the main reason I wasn’t really comfortable sharing was because of fear. So many wonderful women that I know have suffered the horrible “M” word and that was always in the back of my mind, holding me back from feeling full excitement.

Thankfully, I will be heading into my 15th week of pregnancy in a few days so a lot of those fears are starting to dissipate. For all the fears that are still lingering I just have to keep giving them to God and know that he is in control!

So we waited until 12 weeks to tell my daughter because we figured she would tell everyone and when she found out…that is exactly what she did! She is beyond excited to be a big sister and for awhile she was asking every day when the baby was coming. I don’t think she fully understands what’s coming her way but I know she is going to be the best big sister!

So thankfully, now that I am in my second trimester most of those pesky first trimester symptoms have gone away. They say every pregnancy is different and that could not be more accurate! My first pregnancy was a breeze. I pretty much had no symptoms. So I was expecting this pregnancy to be the same…well not so much. From day one of this pregnancy I have had serious acne…worse then ever before. I am hoping that maybe my hormones will settle down a little this trimester so I don’t feel like an acne filled 13 year old again.

Another symptom that I struggled with the first trimester was constant nauseous. Pretty much if I didn’t eat 24/7 I was nauseous. Luckily, I never threw up which I am so thankful for and instead of loosing weight I packed on the pounds because I was constantly snacking to keep from feeling sick. Thankfully, this symptom has gone away for the most part and won’t be missed.

So if you are a mom of two (or more) you probably already know that dealing with pregnancy and a toddler is exhausting. I pretty much could have napped all day and then would still be exhausted at night. But luckily for my daughter I am gaining energy back so she doesn’t have to “nap” with me anymore.

Other then that this pregnancy has gone pretty well and I am looking forward to the next five months and actually feeling some movements (my favorite part of pregnancy!)


Again, thank you all so much for your love and support! It truly means the world to me!

With Love,


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