1st Birthday Shenanigans.

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Well, we survived my daughters first birthday party…hardly, but we survived. With my uncle passing a few days before the party and some of my family getting a bad stomach bug we made it through with only a few meltdowns and lots of stress, mostly on my part. I must say I am so thankful that I shot down the idea of having a big bash for my littles first birthday because I would have seriously lost my mind. With everything happening in my life and then planning a big party it would have been horrible!

As a new mom I was so excited to plan a nice big party for my little girl, but then I got to thinking as I usually do…(i’m a big over-thinker just ask anyone in my family!) I thought why spend money on this big party for a baby who isn’t going to remember any of it. Also, why invite a ton of people who she hardly knows, she would be so overwhelmed. So after contemplating for a while I decided to ditch the big party idea and spend our money elsewhere. Of course I found some other way to spend the money…on photos! I thought to myself, why not spend the money on something that we can all remember and look back on. So we did a cake smash photo shoot and I must say money well spent!

We did have a little party with mine and my husbands immediate family which was really fun. My daughter did not get overwhelmed at all and seemed to have a great time (other then when she was forced to take a nap.) We did another smash cake for her… well I shouldn’t say smash because she hardly touched it. She eventually did eat a little of the sheet cake after many try’s. She ended up getting a lot of presents… as if our family room wasn’t crowed enough, we now have a nice big playhouse and many other toys to add to the bunch! Overall, I’m glad we went with a small party instead of a big bash.


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